Variations in Fertilizer

Using poultry or chicken manure for fertilizer has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. Poultry manure incorporates three of the major components required in  the fertilizer: potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. No other animal manure has these components together. Using poultry manure instead of retail fertilizers much has ecological benefits, and it may be cost effective, especially ig it is commonly available for collecting. Nevertheless, using poultry manure is more work intensive than purchasing a fertilizer from the market. There might be a chance of damaging vegetable with manure if the correct processes are not followed, or if the produce is not completely washed before it is consumed.

Advantage is the Real Disadvantage

One of the advantages of using poultry manure for fertilizer is also the reason of one of the disadvantages. Chicken manure contains a lot of nitrogen, which is essential for the development of the plant. The level of nitrogen in manure is high, but that manure should undergo a process before applying to plants If you try to apply fresh poultry manure to the plants, then there are chances that your plants might get burned due to the high amount of nitrogen present in fresh poultry manure. Therefore, using poultry manure as fertilizer involves more work than commercial fertilizer.

Composting Process

The nitrogen content indicates that poultry manure must go through an aging or composting process before it is applied to the vegetation. This particular process stables the nitrogen levels so that plants can use it without damaging themselves. In the composting process, the manure, as well as the poultry bedding is put into a composting pot for 6 to 12 months: with continuous watering. After the completion of the process, the compost is distributed over the garden, as well as a natural fertilizer is used to help plants grow and thrive.

The treated poultry manure for fertilizer will then raise carbon in the soil, might help to minimize soil erosion, and can decrease nitrate draining from the soil. Nitrates are crucial for plants because plants can’t grow without nitrates. The draining of nitrate is referred to as nitrate leeching: it happens when nitrate drains from the plants when water moves through the roots. The cons are less and pros are more. If you can willing to put more work, then you can use poultry manure for fertilizer.

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