Liquid Fertilizers

Fertile SoilWhen it comes to selecting or buying a fertilizer, there are numerous advantages of liquid over a solid alternative. For larger gardens and trees, liquid can be less demanding to prepare and less demanding to apply. It can also be simpler to check even or equal application, and it can be much more effectively absorbed into the ground. For most trees, the roots are close to the surface so the liquid fertilizer will just soak down to the roots rather easily.

Time Saver

There are a number of techniques available for the application of the liquid fertilizer. These techniques can be decided as per the area to be covered. Misting heads, booms, and sprayers can be an ideal way to apply the liquid fertilizer to a bigger area, while hose sprayers or backpacks can be efficient for smaller areas. These sorts of applicators make it possible to apply fertilizers in the best possible manner; just like giving water to plants. There are tons of options and methods for liquid fertilizer, and this is why it is advantageous over a granular option. This can save time and reduce labor costs as well.  Another alternative is to hire a professional landscape or tree company to do this for you on a routine basis. Any company like would be fine for this type of project, and they will generally all do just fine for this type of work.

Delivery and Absorption

Different crops need different nutritional content, and with a liquid fertilizer all these important nutrients can be combined into a single as well as a final product that needs just one application. Is it possible with solid fertilizers? No! This is almost impossible with many types of solid fertilizers. Because of the difference in the size, it is very hard to combine different granules, and nearly impossible. Apart from the nutrient delivery, liquid fertilizer provides swift absorption of nutrients, without delay, into the plants or trees that you are trying to fertilize. Instant absorption means instant benefits.

Diluting Liquid Fertilizer

Many sorts of solid fertilizers must be dissolved before application, but this step is not required when using liquid fertilizer. Also, diluting liquid is easier than dissolving solids. Liquids can be distributed evenly, and liquid fertilizer is already mixed, and it is easy to apply. These are a few advantages of liquid fertilizer makes it the best type of fertilizer in the market:

  • Easily absorbed
  • Efficient disbursement
  • Combining multiple nutrients in one mix

Liquid fertilizer also has the advantage of being easy to keep and store. They come in sturdy bottles, in concentrated form, as well as applied with a hose sprayer. Compare these things with solid fertilizer. A typical solid fertilizer come in the storing bag, it might be condensed into some bottles of concentrate.  Obviously, liquid fertilizers are better than solid fertilizers, as they can be stored over the seasons without getting infected or forming mildew. So, there are many advantages of liquid fertilizer over solid fertilizer.

Here is some info about applying fertilizer to lawns and trees:


Here is additional info that will be helpful to understanding soil.

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