Aerators for a Healthy Landscape

Proper Lawn AerationWhen purchasing a lawn aerator, you need to consider the lawn aeration needs of your lawn, landscape, and trees, and how much efforts you are willing to put into the task. Aeration means soil exposure to the air. Aeration helps your lawn and trees to remain in good condition and keeps it from looking thin, matted, or brown. Different sorts of lawn aerators comes with different costs, efficiency, and ease of operation with which they aerate your garden.

So the first thing to consider is how much your landscape might require aeration. Many kinds of grass often meet together as well as restrict water, sunlight, and fertilizers, to reach the soil. Sandy soil needs less regular aeration, while clay soil firmly compacts and has poor drainage, thus requiring more aeration.  We had a local tree service company,, come to our home and help us to determine the best aeration device for our landscape needs. The system we installed was very good, and we saw a noticeable improvement in our landscape over the next few months.  Our lawn and our trees looked healthier and fuller, which was great!

Spike Aeration

If you already have a healthy lawn, you can think about getting aeration shoes. Yes, they look strange due to the triangular spikes incorporated on the soles; however, they are the best way of spike aeration, and also give you exercise! They can be attached on your regular shoes and you can do the chores while wearing them; this will allow you to do your chores and provide aeration to the lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Tool

Seasonal lawn treatments like aeration, seeding, and fertilization can also be done in one simple step. However, you can also invest in a big lawn maintenance device like a coring or plug aerator, if you are looking for more exact and precise lawn care. This hefty lawn maintenance tool cores the lawn, as well as eliminates small plugs of soil from the base.

Renting Lawn Maintenance Tool

If the outdoor space gets a lot of traffic such as a dog park, sports field, or a playground, then it is wise to choose a coring aerator. In these cases, the turf or the grass remains in a lot of stress due to excessive traffic, and this is why it requires a dramatic lawn aerator. Nevertheless, personal or small lawn maintenance doesn’t require such tools as they are excessively costly and needless. You can consider renting lawn maintenance tool twice a year for such infrequent tasks.

Rotary Spike Aerator

There is an alternative that offers a trade off between those two tools to give a semi-mechanized yet effective technique for aeration. A rotating spike garden aerator looks like a push mower loaded with massive cement blocks to provide it with enough weight to penetrate a small yard. This would be suitable if you are low on budget or if you don’t have much space for storage.  This is only for lawn use, and will not help your trees.

Here is a very effective video on the proper way to provide aeration:

The key to having fertile and healthy soil is proper aeration, so give this careful consideration if your landscape looks dull or brown.

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