Advantages of Rooftop Gardens

A green roof, also commonly known as a rooftop garden, uses the roof space for gardening as well as growing plants. There are tons of benefits of rooftop gardening!  A green roof is advantageous to the environment, and to the owner of the green roof.  It’s also great for the energy efficiency of the structure.

Rooftop Gardening is Advantageous

Rooftop gardening, or green roof gardening, can enhance the atmosphere as well as reduce the air pollution. How? We all are aware of the fact that plants are fueled by carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen which is important for us. Since they absorb a larger amount of carbon dioxide, they decrease the effects of air pollution, making our atmosphere more clean and improved. Another benefit is energy conservation. The green roof plants give natural insulation to the area by reflecting heat and light, which reduces the need for cooling or heating mechanism; eventually cutting down home utility costs and energy use. In fact, outdoor noises can be blocked through natural insulation.

Utilizing Roof for Gardening Purposes

So everything about rooftop gardening is advantageous. The rooftop gardening is great for people living in cities or for those who do not have a lawn or garden; however, this doesn’t imply that people with gardens or lawns cannot utilize their roof for gardening purposes; more green means more benefits. Even rain water can be utilized by rooftop gardens.  Rooftops also allow you to grow more crops by freeing up ground space. You can grow any agricultural crops without worrying about the space. Rooftop gardening can also solve the problem of food shortage in urban or poor areas, and have both residential and commercial applications.

Beneficial for Your Property

Rooftop gardening can also shield your rooftops from deterioration and damage. UV rays, excess winds, and severe temperature, reduce the age of a roof. Rooftop gardens protect roofs from all these troubles by forming a barrier.

Saving plants, shrubs, and bushes from small animals and pesticides is possible with rooftop gardens. Apart from all these great benefits, rooftop gardens look amazing and increase the value of a home. You can search images of rooftop gardens to see how amazing they look and how incredible they transform a simple roof.  There are some disadvantages as well, such as leaks, maintenance, and limited choice of plants; you can’t grow all types of plants, and growing a tree is a big NO. However, these cons are not so big and once you’ll start gardening, you will forget about the disadvantages because of amazing benefits of rooftop gardening.

Here are some tips for fertile soil for your rooftop garden.

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