Night Phlox Plants and Trees

If you are looking for a unique and “one of a kind” plant, you can consider night phlox. It is so popular due to the fact that its flowers are inclined to open in the evening. The night phlox flowers release their sweet and unique smell (read scent) after the sun goes down. Many people call it as midnight candy, due to the same reason; however, its former and official name is Zaluzianskya capensis, which indeed cannot be spelled so easily since Zaluzianskya refers to its botanical autonomy. Even if it tends to open in the evening, it grows best under full sunlight. The night phlox prefers moist soil, and it is a low maintenance plant. Its flower blooms, ideal in the summer, attracting butterflies, bees, and anyone that like an exotic scent.

Planting Night Phlox

Night phlox usually grows to a height of 0.61 m (2 feet approx), but it needs to be spaced about 0.30 m away from other plants. Spacing is important when it comes to planting night phlox because they need room to grow. The night phlox likewise requires rich and moist soil that is either neutral or acidic, and it must be well drained. It should be planted in a location where it can get full sun. It is better to plant it in a location where passersby and gardeners can easily appreciate its exotic scent.


Planting Poinsettias in Your Lawn or Landscape

PoinsettiaWhat we consider when planting a seedling? Of course, there are some considerations for every type of plant and tree, but “planting” in a proper climate is the most important thing to think about. Planting poinsettias requires special care, like a site with partial shade, well-drained soil, sunny location with wind protection, and more. To aid growth, immediate mulching, pruning, as well as watering, and optional fertilizing needs to be done. Poinsettias cannot tolerate frost, which means they can thrive well in zones 9-11 on the USDA hardiness map. If everything sounds good, you can plant container poinsettias. Early spring is usually an ideal time for planting poinsettia, as the threat of frost and snow has passed. The hotter soil will encourage the growth of the plant.

Plant Survival and Site Selection

You can store the poinsettia plant on a patio or in a garage. These areas are perfect because they offer cool, but not freezing atmosphere, based on what your climate is like. Limiting watering and cutting back branches make certain that the plant make it through planting time. Ideal site selection is crucial for planting poinsettia effectively and successfully, much the same as planting trees. Scan your garden or yard for a sunny location that gets minimum 6 hours of direct light daily. Locations with southern exposure do well, as well as a spot with wind protection is likewise suitable, as is partial shade because poinsettias thrives in cool and moist soil.  We have purchased a number of poinsettias from a company that does tree service as well.  It is Ocoee Tree Service and they are quite reliable with good pricing.


Imperfect Flowers

Imperfect flowers are not defective ones, they just do not fit into regular categories of flowers because they only have one set of reproductive organs. And the same is true for trees! They can be considered either female or male. Nevertheless, they come under two main categories dioecious and monoecious. The monoecious occurs  when some flowers only contain female reproductive part or pistil of the flower, while other flowers of the same plant incorporate stamens (male part) of the flower. Monoecious plants self-fertilizing and they can likewise experience pollination with the help of other sources like insects or the wind. The second one, dioecious plants, are comprised of flowers that are either female or male; therefore, the female and male version of the Dioecious plant must exist near each other so that pollination can happen.

Code of Life- Reproduction Categories

PlantsAll flowers can be categorized as one of three classifications: Imperfect, perfect, or incomplete. Imperfect flowers, as mentioned above, are the ones that are either female or male, as well as a plant that can incorporate both female and male flowers. Perfect flowers like roses, contain stamens and a pistil. So they are both male and female. The incomplete flowers can be either imperfect or perfect. Flowers that misses one of the four main parts: sepals, petals, stamens, or pistils, are considered as incomplete flowers.


A Permaculture Garden

A permaculture garden can basically look after itself. A mix of wildlife habitats, edible plants, and local landscaping in addition to organic gardening methods help form a productive, low-maintenance atmosphere. This self-sustaining garden provides tons of advantages and serves numerous functions. Permaculture gardens are intended for convenience. They are not extremely large and all available garden space is utilized. The permaculture garden design incorporates raised beds which are accessible on every side. Keyhole greenhouses are likewise prominent, with beds taking on a horseshoe or circular shape. All parts within the keyhole garden are accessed from the keyhole, or the center.

A Productive Garden with Tons of Benefits

GardenBesides convenience and usability, a permaculture garden can be both relaxing and productive. Within a permaculture garden are numerous edible (consumable) plants. Different vegetable and fruits are grown, which makes a rich supply of food crops. Different herbs and herbal plants can be found growing in the permaculture garden too. Herbs aren’t only utilized for extra kitchen purposes, however, they are also grown as well as used for medicinal purposes like in Ayurveda medicine, for cough and cold, and more. This garden provides us with medicine, food, and recreation. It can also be used for relaxation or rest, as a serene sanctuary. Permaculture gardens are great mood enhancers, pleasing to all the senses. There are pleasant views, delicious edible plants, and spectacular aromas. Water features create serene sounds, together with planting that offer a variety of textures to touch.  We hired to maintain our garden and trees, and have been quite pleased with their work.  The owner is Jon, and he is very knowledgeable.


Variations in Fertilizer

Using poultry or chicken manure for fertilizer has a lot of advantages and a few disadvantages. Poultry manure incorporates three of the major components required in  the fertilizer: potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. No other animal manure has these components together. Using poultry manure instead of retail fertilizers much has ecological benefits, and it may be cost effective, especially ig it is commonly available for collecting. Nevertheless, using poultry manure is more work intensive than purchasing a fertilizer from the market. There might be a chance of damaging vegetable with manure if the correct processes are not followed, or if the produce is not completely washed before it is consumed.

Advantage is the Real Disadvantage

One of the advantages of using poultry manure for fertilizer is also the reason of one of the disadvantages. Chicken manure contains a lot of nitrogen, which is essential for the development of the plant. The level of nitrogen in manure is high, but that manure should undergo a process before applying to plants If you try to apply fresh poultry manure to the plants, then there are chances that your plants might get burned due to the high amount of nitrogen present in fresh poultry manure. Therefore, using poultry manure as fertilizer involves more work than commercial fertilizer.


Liquid Fertilizers

Fertile SoilWhen it comes to selecting or buying a fertilizer, there are numerous advantages of liquid over a solid alternative. For larger gardens and trees, liquid can be less demanding to prepare and less demanding to apply. It can also be simpler to check even or equal application, and it can be much more effectively absorbed into the ground. For most trees, the roots are close to the surface so the liquid fertilizer will just soak down to the roots rather easily.

Time Saver

There are a number of techniques available for the application of the liquid fertilizer. These techniques can be decided as per the area to be covered. Misting heads, booms, and sprayers can be an ideal way to apply the liquid fertilizer to a bigger area, while hose sprayers or backpacks can be efficient for smaller areas. These sorts of applicators make it possible to apply fertilizers in the best possible manner; just like giving water to plants. There are tons of options and methods for liquid fertilizer, and this is why it is advantageous over a granular option. This can save time and reduce labor costs as well.  Another alternative is to hire a professional landscape or tree company to do this for you on a routine basis. Any company like would be fine for this type of project, and they will generally all do just fine for this type of work.


Garden and Tree Bed Edging for Aesthetics

GardeningEdging a garden not only gives a neat landscaped appearance, it likewise can eliminate the need of weeding and maintenance. The easiest way of edging a garden include clear divisions, like creating a small trench with a gardening tool, however, many different edging materials are available to line a flower or garden bed. Plastic, brick, stone, and wood edging materials can give your garden an attractive appearance, as well as easy flush edging can make your gardening much simpler. One can give his or her garden a finish, spruced up look by edging it. This simple outline, separating a flower or garden bed from a grassy ground, appear to be neater and make a house more scintillating. Edging a garden is not only ornamental, it is functional too. Edging can keep your yard free from growing grass or mulch from a mower.

Cutting a Trench

Cutting a trench is the clearest way of edging a garden. This method does not need any edging material, so it is affordable as well. Dig a trough around the garden, with the grass being cut away as well as removed. Edging gears that use a rolling cutter for straight and smooth lines are likewise available. Trench digging gives clean and neat lines without attractive flourishes for a moderate look, but this will require regular maintenance to remain clean and fresh.


Aerators for a Healthy Landscape

Proper Lawn AerationWhen purchasing a lawn aerator, you need to consider the lawn aeration needs of your lawn, landscape, and trees, and how much efforts you are willing to put into the task. Aeration means soil exposure to the air. Aeration helps your lawn and trees to remain in good condition and keeps it from looking thin, matted, or brown. Different sorts of lawn aerators comes with different costs, efficiency, and ease of operation with which they aerate your garden.

So the first thing to consider is how much your landscape might require aeration. Many kinds of grass often meet together as well as restrict water, sunlight, and fertilizers, to reach the soil. Sandy soil needs less regular aeration, while clay soil firmly compacts and has poor drainage, thus requiring more aeration.  We had a local tree service company,, come to our home and help us to determine the best aeration device for our landscape needs. The system we installed was very good, and we saw a noticeable improvement in our landscape over the next few months.  Our lawn and our trees looked healthier and fuller, which was great!


Advantages of Rooftop Gardens

A green roof, also commonly known as a rooftop garden, uses the roof space for gardening as well as growing plants. There are tons of benefits of rooftop gardening!  A green roof is advantageous to the environment, and to the owner of the green roof.  It’s also great for the energy efficiency of the structure.

Rooftop Gardening is Advantageous

Rooftop gardening, or green roof gardening, can enhance the atmosphere as well as reduce the air pollution. How? We all are aware of the fact that plants are fueled by carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen which is important for us. Since they absorb a larger amount of carbon dioxide, they decrease the effects of air pollution, making our atmosphere more clean and improved. Another benefit is energy conservation. The green roof plants give natural insulation to the area by reflecting heat and light, which reduces the need for cooling or heating mechanism; eventually cutting down home utility costs and energy use. In fact, outdoor noises can be blocked through natural insulation.


Understanding Fertile Soil

Soil is soil, isn’t that right? No! Keeping the right kind of garden soil will help you grow beautiful and healthy plants, and greatly enhance your landscape. Before changing your home’s garden soil, you need to test it to find out its pH level as well as its texture like clay or sand. This test will help you determine what needs to be added to have the best garden soil. Sulfur or limestone will take the pH to fairly neutral, which is ideal for many plants, and compost will boost the nutrients in the garden soil.


Soil Test

The best garden soil completely depends on what you want to grow. The acidity or alkalinity measure (pH) of the soil influences the way nutrients are absorbed by the roots of the plant. Most of the common plants do well with a pH of 7. Most soils are usually between 0 and 5 pH. So, you can easily do a soil test to know as well as to analyze where your existing garden soils falls on the pH scale. You can purchase a home kit to do such tests, or you can take a sample of your existing soil to the professional at a private lab or a county office.